Collective Confession

Collective Confession is a board game inspired by the works of Ken Garland and Tracey Emin. As part of a brief to fuse their work together, I came up with the idea of a board game based on wordplay.Drawing inspiration from Ken Garland’s Rivers, Roads and Rails, I wanted to develop a game that not only looked good, but created something unique with every play.
Audience: Young adults
Disciplines: Brand Identity / Print / Packaging / Environmental
Software: Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign
Colours: #03127a / #297de5 / #b50000 / #fc9603

The aim of the game is to create sentences, building a collective ‘confession’ between players. Drawing upon two types of cards (similar to consonants and vowels in Countdown), players take it in turns to place cards and create sentences. As the artists have completely different work, I found that partnering the solid graphics of Ken Garland and visceral drawings of Tracey Emin provided a distinctive style that complimented each other.

As each game is unique, I found that the visual identity built up with the cards in mind, creating mini sentences and statements at random (this would be regulated to ensure that nothing offensive would appear). This modular approach would also allow text and images to be easily placed within the identity.

The gamebox comes complete with 120 cards (80 Verbs, Adjectives and Noun cards and 40 Connector cards) as well as a rules card. The box is designed to be portable to allow the game to be played anywhere that it is needed.