Glazed is a dessert food truck based in London, participating regularly at weekend events across the city. The owners are known for their infectious cheeriness.
Audience: London-based foodies
Disciplines: Brand Identity / Print / Packaging / Environments
Software: Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign
Colours: #393ec0 / #ff9957 / #ff449d / #4dffba
Typeface: Omnes

I started out with doodling the pastries and sweets they produced. The cinnamon swirl came first but I found the spiral to be to organic in shape. I developed versions to do with sprinkles and swirls but none seemed to stick. Finally, I discovered that using a mixture of lines and circles, I could create icing that would both look moreish and hold its graphical shape.The donut was created and complimented the dripping icing. This logomark would stand out at crowded food markets as well as its bold typeface Omnes.

Following on from the visual identity, I wanted the photography to be scrumptious and colourful, inviting users to visit the truck or order online.

The visual identity continued across print. Just like icing on a cake, it’s never perfectly uniform as much as the baker wants it to be so it’s no different for the visual identity. The icing can be edited easily allowing for different colour ways and lockups creating an adaptable identity.

Donuts, Patrick Fore