Unknown Waters

Unknown Waters was a nautical-themed festival ran by the BFI. I looked at the synopsis of all 5 films and found that they all featured unexpected disaster or conflict. With this in mind, I wanted to capture the feeling of uneasiness and how you never know what to expect, especially beneath the waves.Using this, I developed a graphical language using tentacles and the condensed version of Trade Gothic to add to this feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty.
Audience: Film fans
Disciplines: Brand Identity / Print / Digital / Environmental
Software: Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe InDesign
Colours: #002c16 / #61beb2
Trade Gothic

In order to build awareness, a print campaign was launched around the City of London. The eye-catching feature font was used throughout the campaign as a recurring visual identity.

The festival website was a small but important tool for the festival, allowing tickets to be booked and information to be showcased when needed.